How to create personalised stickers for your new marketing campaign

Are you about to launch a new brand? Or are you planning next season’s marketing campaign or product launch?


Do you need personalised stickers for your campaign but don’t know how to get a professional design that fits your brand?


In this blog post, we’ll explain why stickers can help you get results from your next marketing campaign in the next few minutes. We’ll also tell you how to create a professional sticker design that looks amazing, with prior experience or no special skills needed.


Firstly, why use stickers as a marketing tool?


Stickers are great for promotions because of their low cost. On top of that, people don’t perceive them to be an advertising tool. If given as part of your product packaging or a handout, most people see them as a gift.


Giving gifts to potential & current customers has proven to be an excellent strategy for increasing sales because of social psychology’s rule of reciprocity.


What are some of the best uses of personalised stickers to grow your brand?


1. Including stickers with your orders


Being such a low cost adding stickers to your product packaging is a no brainer, hence brands like Apple add logo stickers to their products.


2. Brand your packaging

Both first & last impressions are super important. When your product arrives at your customers’ doors, you want to create a beautiful experience the customer will remember. Custom branded packaging using stickers can be super helpful for this.


3. Events giveaways


Stickers can be an excellent way to extend your brand’s presence in a customer’s home or office. This way, you can ensure that you’re not forgotten, even after the event.


How do you get the perfect personalised stickers?


Sticker it, a UK-based sticker maker that specialises in custom stickers, have launched an online designer, so you can produce sticker designs online. It’s easy to use too! They have a library of pre-made templates you can apply to generate your artwork very quickly, with minimal skills needed.


What designs can I make?


Nearly anything you can imagine. The pre-made templates cover all types of stickers from; drinks glasses, packaging, name badges & more. You can always find a suitable template for your application.


How easy is it?


You can produce a design in less than six minutes using pre-made templates. We’d recommend this because they’re all made by professional designers.


You can also create artwork from scratch, but this requires an eye for design and a little more time.


How do I get started?


Visit Sticker it and search for a pre-made template. Or, you can upload your current artwork & edit it, or create a design from scratch.


Their online design tool is called Graphic and is easy to use – have a go. You can also order a few stickers to see how they look.


Please comment below to let us know what you’ve been creating and what marketing campaigns you need stickers for.


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