Who invented soccer? The Long-Reaching Roots Of Soccer

“Who invented soccer?” This is the most common question people ask about the popular sport. Soccer is widely considered to be the most popular sport in the world. Many people are curious about who invented soccer and how it came to be. spbo bet

Although many cultures and nations claim the game is their invention, there are not enough facts to determine who is right.

Ancient Chinese people were so confused about the game of soccer or football that they didn’t recognize it as their invention. However, early history shows that cuju, a Chinese version of soccer, is very familiar. As well as Medieval Europeans, the ancient Romans and Greeks had a similar game to soccer. To make the shape of a soccer-like game in ancient times, pig bladders were used to propel the ball. Old rags and straw were added to the leather from animal skins to give it a spherical shape which could be moved with the feet.

The origins of modern soccer can be traced back as far as the mid-1860’s in England. Because schools began competing against each other, it became very popular. There are some problems during these times due to the lack of universal rules.

The Football Association (FA), which was formed in 1963, established one set of rules to ensure fair play for all teams.

There are many famous soccer players who have played for soccer clubs around the world today.


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